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Meditation 1081
Annals of Christian Mercy

by: John Tyrrell

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Poland's senior Catholic cleric, Archbishop Jozef Michalik blamed child sex abuse by priests on the children of divorced parents. "We often hear that this inappropriate attitude (paedophilia), or abuse, manifests itself when a child is seeking love. It clings, it searches. It gets lost itself and then draws another person into this."  Oh, the Christian mercy of the Archbishop - feeling sorry for the poor priest dragged into paedophilia by a child.

In a speech to the Illinois Family Institute, Ben Carson claimed equal marriage rights for LGBT people could endanger “everything else in the Bible.” Yes - in Carson's view, if LGBT individuals were able to marry, then he would no longer be permitted to stone his stubborn children, he'd be allowed to eat bacon, and rape victims would not be forced to marry their rapists. And mixed fabrics would be allowed - just as you can see Carson wearing in his speech. All those sacred biblical laws which all Christians follow religiously would have to be tossed aside if same-sex marriages were permitted.

Continuing with the fundamentalist Christian obsession of what other people are doing in bed, Rick Scarborough of Vision America had a discussion with Peter LaBarbera president of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality at a Tea Party Unity group. The subject - the possibility of a class action lawsuit against homosexuality. A class action lawsuit requires injured parties. Obviously, all fundi Christians are harmed by just the thought of other consenting adults enjoying sexual relations, and a class action lawsuit is Christian mercy at its finest.

In Detroit, pastor Marvin Winans has refused to bless a two year old child because he was born out of wedlock. Of course, he has scripture on his side - Deuteronomy 23.2 (see Meditation 777). I wrote in Discussion 3 to that Meditation that I knew of no church or synagogue which actually enforced this particular biblical passage. I am now better informed. The Perfecting Church, for one, does enforce it. Well, aren't they just so perfect. And overflowing with Christian mercy.

It's a real mercy that I am not a Christian. I'd thank god for it, if I thought there was one.

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