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Meditation 1083
Heresy 953: immortal vs mortal knowledge

by: Gordon Wayne Barthel

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Preacher Bob here, your trailer park heretic, with blaspheme 953.

The great gods, they allegedly know everything about everything being omniscient, while we humans, being mere mortals, apparently know less. But, judging from the volumes of information we have, I would have to say that we humans know infinitely more than the entire pantheon of deities. After all, we have a dozen or two dozen volumes of text bestowed unto us from the immortals, while we mortals with our mortal intellects have hundreds upon thousands of volumes lining hundreds of libraries throughout the world. Now, this is only my mortal redundancy reiterating my mortal observation, but it seems to me that we humans know infinitely more than the entire pantheon of omniscient immortals.

To add insult to injury, our mortal knowledge seems to be infinitely more useful than the all knowledge bestowed upon us by all the omniscience immortals. For instance, human psychologists know infinitely more about child development than the entire pantheon of deities knows. Now, some might argue it is not for us to question the wisdom of the immortals, but if the immortals want us to grow up into responsible citizens, knowledge of child development would be incredibly helpful for raising god-fearing citizens.

So, unless the great and glorious immortals come around and prove otherwise, it seems to me that we humans, armed only with our mortal wits and a propensity for arguing with each other, we seem to know more than the omniscient ones know. More important, it seems to me that we can accomplish infinitely more with our mortal knowledge than we could ever accomplish with the almighty’s knowledge. For starters, I’m betting we can raise better citizens with human knowledge than we ever could with the omniscient’s knowledge. Ipso facto, legato.

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