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Meditation 1108
It is frustrating that religions divide us

by: Van Robison

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Dear Folks,

I actually like agnosticism far more than atheism.
I am not personally an atheist or an agnostic.
On the other hand Deism has some merit also,
although I am not a Deist.

I do believe in God and even in Jesus Christ, even
though it is impossible to believe in Jesus Christ
without the four Gospels and the New Testament,
which has many problems.

It is for me extremely frustrating that the
religions of human beings, divide humans into
innumerable different beliefs, which cause
division, animosity and antagonism, all of which
are contrary to sound reason.

It would seem to me that life is for LOVE,
my thinking is the true nature and character of
God Almighty, as opposed to the so called bible,
which portrays God as a barbarian in many parts.

Humans with ulterior motives have always put words
in the mouth of God that are not true.
Words such as "thus saith the Lord", "God
commanded", "God anointed" and even "all
scripture is given by inspiration of God" DO NOT
prove that God is the author, they only prove that
LYING SCRIBES are more than willing to attribute
words to God that are not true.

Until God Himself appears to each individual and
communicates in person, all everyone believes
about God is 100% hearsay. Why should humans
believe LIARS or those who speak as if they speak
for God, when they do not?

The bible portrays God Almighty as a barbarian in
many parts of it, especially the Old Testament and
the fictional book of "Revelation." But even
the ridiculous story
about Ananias and Sapphira in the book of Acts
portrays God as a murderer, when He is not.

Human beings are so naive and so gullible, but of
course all humans are programmed and indoctrinated
from birth and cannot be responsible for the
origin of their birth and consequent religious

Yes it is extremely frustrating that people cannot
THINK or REASON because their minds are set in


Van Robison


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