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Meditation 1138
The Modern-day Christian Martyr

by: John Tyrrell

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One of the travelling missionaries drowned out by the boombox in Regina (see previous Meditation) was interviewed. He stated that in his travels, he had been at various times arrested, ticketed and fined. Along with the boombox, he saw it all as attempts to block his message.

Apparently, he’s being persecuted for his faith. He’s a modern-day Christian martyr.

In Carroll County, Maryland, the County Commissioner disobeyed a court order forbidding the Board of Commissioners from opening regular board meetings with a prayer to Jesus. In tears, she said she was prepared to go to jail over the matter.

Apparently, she’s being persecuted for her faith. She’s a modern-day Christian martyr.

In Kentucky, a bank teller was fired – according to her for simply telling customers to “have a blessed day.” According to the bank, she was fired for proselytizing both fellow employees and customers, after repeated warnings not to do so.

Apparently, she’s being persecuted for her faith. She’s a modern-day Christian martyr.

The reality is that none of these poor “persecuted” individuals is being persecuted for their faith, rather they are infringing on the rights of others by pushing their faith in areas where it is not wanted, not appropriate, and in some cases, not legal. 

Meanwhile in Iraq, the terrorist ISIS organization has ordered under penalty of death the remaining Christians in the areas it controls to either convert to its ignorant version of Islam or pay jizyah (the tax on non-Muslims) to their “Caliphate”. Now that’s persecution for one’s faith.

Those Christians who play the persecution card while living in countries with freedom of religion trivialize the genuine religious persecution that still goes on elsewhere.


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