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Meditation 1169
Thoroughly evil "Christians."

by: John Tyrrell

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In a letter to a homosexual author, a Baptist pastor, Logan Robertson of New Zealand's Westcity Bible Baptist Church wrote:

"I pray that you will commit suicide, you filthy fag."

A Christian minister praying to his supposedly loving God that someone will commit a sin! You'd think the anti-gay Christian thing to do would be to pray the sinner reforms. But that's not the Pastor Logan Robertson form of Christianity.

What does Robertson's Christianity involve? Government conducted mass murder!

In an interview in response to his comments going public, Pastor Logan Robertson said of gays:

“I think every single one of them should be put to death. Christians shouldn’t be doing it, I’m not going to do it, it’s the Government’s job to be doing it.”

Right! Robertson isn't going to dirty his own hands with killing people he disapproves of. Oh no! Christians shouldn't be doing that! The "Government" (which I guess in Robertson's perverted mind contains no Christians) should be killing those people on his behalf. The apparently non-Christian government should be enforcing Robertson's sick Christianity on everyone.

Unfortunately Robertson isn't alone in expecting non-Christians to enforce a strict Christianity on everyone. If you can force yourself to read the despicable Talk Back 124: Hate, or Love, you will find:

I can hardly wait for ISIS to come over to America, and decapitate only those deserving what ISIS is proficient at.

I cannot do it myself (even though I would like to), but it's for damn sure that it needs to be done, and as soon as possible.

And Bloomquist isn't limiting himself to gays in his repulsive fantasy. Even wearing hair to church in a style that Bloomquist disagrees with is sufficient merit death by ISIS. He's one of those severely deluded Christians who wants to impose the whole Mosaic package of bible law on the world. He is so blind to the immorality of his proposals that he concludes with:

The anti-immorality and anti-thievery aspects and enforcement of islamic-fundamentalist sharia law are an understandable and necessary substitute against those who do not take the Torah seriously nor literally. 

The thinking of Pastor Logan Robertson is evil. Pure evil. The thinking of Daniel Bloomquist is evil. Pure evil. And their thinking is entirely based on the Bible. They both hold that supposedly holy book in their hands as they spew forth their hatred upon the world, all the time thinking that they are expressing their God's will, and that the book represents a personal backstage pass into Heaven.

Can you imagine following a religion which would have you spending an eternity with either of these depraved men? A religion which would call it paradise?

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