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Meditation 1195
Roger, Wilco!

by: Manny

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With the recent passage of the state of Indiana's so-called Religious Freedom law (meaning "You're free if you believe like me!") we can now enjoy government sanctioned discrimination based on religious grounds. Business owners are legally permitted to refuse to serve or have business dealings with gays or anyone else who offends their "religious sensibilities" (quite the oxymoron, that.) Yes, that's right, bigots...hate and discriminate all you want, as long as it's in god's name.

Happily, there has been significant pushback. Businesses are speaking out against the law, and the CEO of Angie's List announced plans to halt expansion of the company's Indiana headquarters. Major sports leagues and the NCAA are considering not scheduling major events in the state. And a big "Attaboy!" to the band Wilco for cancelling an upcoming show in Indianapolis in protest over the law.

As expected, Republican presidential hopefuls are stampeding over each other in their hurry to show their support of the law. Let freedom ring!

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