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Meditation 1210
Because the first thing a refugee needs is a...

by: John Tyrrell

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I noticed this advertisement while checking out a couple of articles on Christian News Net. It seems to have been placed on every page.

Christian charity at its best, because as we all know the very first thing a refugee needs on escaping from a war zone is a Bible.

And the promoters have the gall to see it as a blessing.

How about some food, clothing, medicine, or housing? And don't waste limited transport resources on what is nothing more than an insult to the predominantly Shi'ite, Sunni, and Kurdish recipients.


Note 1.

Of course Christian News Net isn't alone in this type of activity. The Gideons came in for a lot of criticism a couple of weeks ago when they made an emergency shipment of 100,000 bibles to Nepal for the "benefit" of earthquake victims. In response to criticism, Gideons International Director of Advertising and Marketing, Craig Warner, responded with “The people of Nepal were crying out to the world for help,... and we are glad for the world-wide media coverage of us rising to the opportunity and feeding their souls.”

The population of Nepal is about 80% Hindu, 10% Buddhist, and 5% Islamic. It is extremely improbable the help they were crying out for was bibles.

With over 3,000,000 homes damaged or destroyed, I can only hope those bibles prove useful as substitutes for bricks in rebuilding a handful of houses.

Note 2.

To date, I know of no secular or non-believer charity which has chosen to send thousands of copies of The God Delusion to victims of earthquakes or to refugees from war and terrorism.

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