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Meditation 1220
Creationist Lies

by: John Tyrrell

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It has long been my contention that the leading proponents of creationism lie - - deliberately and knowingly lie. One of their techniques is to take a relatively minor scientific finding, strip it of all context, then use it to claim the Biblical tale of creation has been proven, while totally ignoring all the other science which is inextricably tied to that finding.

An example of this I recently encountered was a web page which claimed scientific proof that the Earth was older than the sun.

They based this claim on a scientific finding that much of the water in the solar system originated as ices in interstellar space. Thus the water was older than the solar system.

They then jumped to the fact that the Bible has the Earth, complete with water upon it, created right at the beginning and the Sun not created until day four.

See the unjustified leap. 

The fact is that ALL of the materials which coalesced into our solar system were pre-existing. And do note that the hydrogen which makes up the sun has its origin in the Big Bang and predates all other elements, and all chemical compounds.

Only by looking solely at the age of water and ignoring absolutely everything else that went into the solar system, was the writer of this web page able to make the claim that science supported the Bible.

This sort of thing does not happen by accident. It can only occur through deliberate cherry-picking of scientific findings, and deliberately ignoring everything which does not support the desired biblical finding. I'd call that deliberately and knowingly lying.


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