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Meditation 1222
Jurassic Genesis Park

by: Answers in Genesis

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This is the news release that was sent to the national media and has been slightly adapted for the web.

In light of the misleading characterization of the relationship between humans and dinosaurs in the four Jurassic Park films, Answers in Genesis has initiated a new project to clone its own dinosaurs. AiG president Ken Ham stated “Only this way can we demonstrate that dinosaurs and humans can co-exist in peace and safety exactly as described in Genesis.”

We plan to use our cloned dinosaur population in both the Creation Museum and in the Ark Encounter which is currently under construction.

At the Creation Museum, dinosaurs will be used to demonstrate how Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, and Seth practiced agriculture in the years after the expulsion from the Garden of Eden. There will be daily plowing exhibitions, dinosaur rodeos, and of course dinosaur rides for children.

At Ark Encounter, we will show how the various kinds of dinosaurs were able to fit in the Ark along with other animals, how dinosaurs were vital in establishing Noah’s vineyard after the flood, both for plowing and for providing needed fertilizer, and of course there will be the Tyrannosaurus Rex petting zoo where children will be able to get up close and personal with their favorite type of dinosaur.  

We will be seeking funds for our cloning efforts. We have submitted a formal request for funding to the National Science Foundation. While we have been informally advised that our request will be rejected on the ground that Genesis is not science and that Answers in Genesis employs no legitimate scientists, we consider these ground for rejection to be frivolous and specious. If necessary will initiate a lawsuit to obtain the government funding which is rightfully ours.

In the interim, we will be seeking donations from those who understand the rightness of our cause. We invite you to visit our donations page where a variety of rewards is available to those who give generously to promote dinosaurs and Creationism, just as described in Genesis.

Please donate now.


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