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Meditation 1224
JADE HELM and the coming Apocalypse

by: Rev. Robert F. vonBriesen

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I will not go into a lengthy description of what Operation Jade Helm is as there has been plenty of coverage of it in the press and, especially, on the internet.  However, briefly – Jade Helm is a military training exercise that will take place from July 15 to Sept 15 in the SouthWest USA. It involves Special Forces, Intel-agencies and undercover military intelligence agents. The stated purpose is to develop and test methods of infiltrating and controlling a civilian population in a hostile territory.

According to its detractors, it will involve mass arrests, internment of dissidents in (FEMA) detention camps and some mysterious use of WalMarts in the area which have closed for ‘plumbing repairs’ and have totally emptied out the stores of all merchandise.

When the news of the exercise first leaked out several months ago, the Conspiracy Theorists, led by Alex Jones, Jessee Helms and several other well-known monitors of governmental misdeeds, have had a field day. Type in ‘Jade Helm’ in your search engine and be prepared for dozens on pages of references to hundreds of articles.  Don’t worry about having to read all of them, after the first dozen or so, they all become repetitive with the same facts (?) embellished with additional fantastic claims. There have been town meetings in Texas (which is classified as a ‘hostile’ territory) in which the local people were assured by military spokesmen that no-one should be worried about the exercise even though they could give no additional details of what would be involved.

As I watched this story unfold and expand, I wondered why or how could the scant details of the exercise build up to such a crescendo. However, recently the volume has tapered off, people seem to be losing interest in the story. Then the realization hit me – that is why it was leaked so many months ago. By the time the actual event occurs, people will not be interested in it.  Even Alex Jones is running out of steam on this one.  Whoever is managing this event understands the short attention span of the American public. As there is little tangible evidence to support the conspiracy theories; evidence which consists of alleged FEMA camps at deactivated military bases, thousands of burial vaults piled up in storage areas and, of course, the WalMart mysterious closings, many people have written the warnings off as more Conspiracy Theory hyperbole. 

The reason why I am writing about this for an Agnostic website is not that I intend to get the reader interested in the latest Conspiracy Theory, but to relate this episode to the expectation that a claim made in the news must be supported by evidence if it is to be believed.  If the same standards were to be applied to religious traditions and dogma, would any religion have survived more than one generation?

Why is it that when a person develops a belief based on “Faith” they become immune to facts and evidence which demonstrates that their beliefs are false and based on a lie?  For the past 2,000 years, at least for 1,400 for sure, Christians have locked their religious beliefs into a faith-based intransigence while allowing their opinions on science, medicine, politics and social structure to move on with the changing times.  Other religions have an even longer history of being unable to move on from their ancient traditional beliefs.  Even worse than Christianity is the stance taken by Islam where the killing of non-believers is not only upheld but even encouraged.

One would think that the technological progress of the past hundred years would have certainly moved us out of the medieval  mindset. Even the person with an average, minimal education understands more about how the world works than they did 700 years ago.  Why then do even well educated people hold onto their archaic and irrational religious beliefs?  Perhaps it is because, as children, we are trained (indoctrinated) into not questioning religion. We can challenge the government, big business, educational institutions – but not the Church. That is beyond reproach if we want to be sure that our souls will go to a heavenly paradise after death.

So there it is – fear, superstition, ignorance and a need to ‘fit-it’, all combining to produce a society that is unable to break out of the Faith that if we behave as we are trained in the present, then a better world awaits us in the future.  There is a glimmer of hope; books written about the hypocrisy of religion are making it onto the Best Sellers list, organizations which promote secular ethics are growing and young people are starting to drop out of the organized religion treadmill.

IF the impending War between the Islamic world and the West is averted and if Jade Helm is not a precursor to Martial Law in the USA and total global economic collapse does not occur – all of which would accelerate the plans for a New World Order – then maybe human consciousness can break free from the restrictions imposed by Religion and advance to its next level of evolution.


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