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Meditation 1225
God and America

by: John Tyrrell

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To my chagrin, I am on the mailing list of EarthshakingNews.com and my requests to get off the list are ignored. What is worse is the company I am in - several conspiracy theorists, several religious nuts (for example, Herald of Truth, Now the End Begins), the Bundy Ranch, the Cowboy Church, and from Fox "let's make up the news" there's Geraldo Rivera and Bill O'Reilly. There is nobody on that list I want to be associated with.

And occasionally my spam filter breaks down under the strain, and one of Richard Thorne's messages gets into my inbox. And that's why you have the dubious pleasure of Talk Back 132 this week, along with some comments on it here.

I guess what I find fascinating about this type of Christian is their idea that their God is obsessed with the USA - it is not the world that God is going to destroy, rather "ALMIGHTY GOD WILL NOW DESTROY AMERICA!" And in a way, it is logical that God would destroy only the USA because God makes his decisions solely based on what is going on in the USA. One of the factors mentioned is, of course, abortion. Yet - God's chosen weapons are Russia and China - countries which have much higher abortion rates than the USA.

And if you have the time to waste to visit EarthshakingNews.com, you can scroll down the page and find a countdown clock until microchips are installed in everyone as a mark of the beast. When I mentioned this clock before (Meditation 1189), Satan was doing the installation. Now the site blames Obama.*

Again - it's a strictly US focus. God's only concern is the 5% of the world's population living in the USA. And it's highly important to God that Americans not have affordable health-care, that they not have abortions, and that evil homosexuals not do whatever unspeakable deeds it is that homosexuals do to each other.

And the rest of us outside of American borders are quite free to live our lives as we see fit without worrying about the fire and brimstone about to pour down on the USA.

Admittedly, EarthshakingNews.com is on the lunatic fringe of American Christianity. But, in its obsessive focus on the USA and on God's package of punishments for the USA in response to the sins of the USA, it is little different than many of the more mainstream Christian denominations, and little different than the current crop of American politicians desperately pandering for the fundamentalist Christian vote.

A secondary issue:

Talk Back 132 attributes God's decision to destroy America in part to the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the USA. However, have seen enough of these messages, I know that the same claim of God's coming destruction of America was being made long before the Supreme Court decision. The same date for micro-chipping, the same stock market crash, the same use of Russia and China as God's agents. God's plan to destroy America has not changed in the slightest. The obvious conclusion has to be that same-sex marriage has not affected God in the slightest.


* I, of course, have not read the legislation establishing the affordable health care program, but I am almost completely certain it includes no requirement for universal mandatory micro-chipping. I invite anyone to prove me wrong.

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