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Meditation 1238
Is God Really Punishing Pat For Our Sins?

by: John Tyrrell

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Stock markets around the world fell on Monday this week. Most economists linked it to events in China, but televangelist Pat Robertson had a different reason - it was a message from God protesting the US government funding of Planned Parenthood and abortion.

Pat seemed to be out there all alone on this issue. I'm not aware of any other Public Christian attributing the drop in the stock market to God. Not even Richard Thorne of the fanatical Earthshaking News (see Talk Back 128 & 132) who has been fearlessly predicting a fall market crash as part of End Times made the connection. No - it was just Pat.


I think it is because Robertson is quite rich. Estimates of his current wealth range from $100 million to $1 billion. Presuming he has a diversified portfolio, a stock market drop hits him personally. Each percent drop in the market reduces his new worth by at least $1 million, and at one point on Monday the market was down by over 6% (though it did recover nearly half of that by closing), giving Robertson a paper loss of between $6 million and $60 million. No wonder the drop got his attention.

I find it kind of funny. Robertson seems to think God punishes him personally when people do things that Robertson preaches against. It almost makes me want to sin - just to have Pat punished.

But just some thoughts on the link between the stock market and Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood was founded in 1921 or 1942 depending on whether you consider the predecessor organization or the establishment under the current name.

In 1921, the Dow Jones average was 73.48

In 1942, the Dow Jones average was 107.2

In 1973, (the year the US Supreme Court came down with the Roe vs Wade decision) the Dow Jones Average was 923.8

On Monday, August 24 2015, the Dow Jones closed at 15871.35 after a 3.6% drop on the day.

Given those numbers, it sure looks to me that if God is using the US stock market to send a message about Planned Parenthood and abortion, then God is indicating his full support.


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