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Discussion 1 to Meditation 1339
More on Interviews With God

by: Donald B Ardell

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From Jeanne Ardell Grant (daughter), San Rafael, CA

If I should ever find myself before Him on a Judgment Day, I will say I TRIED to tell my dad that you were real and really awesome, all this time. Really! I always suspected that you are really, really big! You are Huge! Very powerful. IF, and I mean IF, you happen to know of any instances where I SEEMED to not believe in you, it was probably because I was under my Dad's influence. My heathen ways are all his fault! Please do not send me to eternal hellfire. Thank you.

From Bruce Midgett, Missoula, MT

Just a brief, final word on our discussions with god.

I was struck at how parochial most of the responses were. With the notable exception of Grant, who is a citizen of the universe and can't be bothered with narrow concepts. Good for him. I've tried to be the same way, but I just can't seem to keep from concentrating on me. Most responses were related to this narrow hunk of rock we live on, without reference to other hunks of rock or vast arrays of groupings of hunks of rocks beyond even our imaginations.

Either god is the arbiter of the universe, of everything and, given our current state of things, it's safe to say our planet, possibly our solar system, is the shit hole of everything known to, and reigned over by god.

Or we, on this planet, or in this solar system, or wherever we are, have everything backward. In fact, the greatest joy to be known is torture, fire, brimstone, self-destruction, brutality and whatever else we perceive to be horrific. We should relish these things. Fear, grief and pain are wonderful. We should welcome as much of them as we can, invite them into our homes, among our hated ones (loved ones are to loath), to create as much disruption and hurt in our lives as possible. Love, happiness and understanding are the banes of our existence. Rape, murder and debauchery are our delights. Gentle, loving relationships are dreadful. Maybe debauchery leans both ways. May have to rethink that one.

It often seems that is what god wants. Were that he/she/it wanted anything.


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