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A Miscellany 10
Irritating Christians; Irritating Agnostics

from Phil Nevard

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I've read both articles,[1] you've obviously thought about it, but I'm still not convinced that you are apathetic about being agnostic.  But, hey, there's plenty more important things to be steamed up about - you're already plenty fed up about smart Alecs asking you this question - so this particular smart Alec will leave you be.

I'm sorry if you get flames and abuse from Evangelical Christians.  If I think about - a title I might use for myself is an "often-ashamed-Christian" (not so punchy as Apathetic Agnostic, I know) but there's plenty who call themselves Christian who I wouldn't want in my igloo.

Still, I've met a good number of bloody irritating Agnostics in my time and an army of downright rude and humourless humanists - so a plague on all our houses (figuratively speaking, that is!)



  1. Phil is referring to Meditation 79 and Ask the Patriarch 26 which I had referred him to when he suggested "the last half of "We don't know and we don't care" was not appropriate for this site.