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A Miscellany 19
The Search Feature

from Lynda Eyambe

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I couldn't decide whether to call this comment Praise or Number 8 - "Flirting, date request, or marriage proposal (single women only)".[1] Anyhow I settled for Praise. I don't want to turn this new section (Miscellany) into a semi-bulletin board with frequent often pointless comments, but I just had to mention that it was really ultra awesome to include the search feature. This website is like a bottomless pit, but at least now I'm armed with a flash light. Still a bottomless pit mind you.

Keep up the good work. Continue to be The Voice for those of us who feel stifled by the pervasiveness of religion.



  1. For those unfamiliar with the site feedback form, these are two of the several categories for feedback. I remain disappointed in the lack of option 8 responses. JT