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A Miscellany 20
A Spiritual Rationalist Writes

from Wendy

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What Am I?

I was recently asked if I believe, and what I am. It was apparent that to this person, or group of people, if I did not belong to a religious affiliation - I was nothing.

I tried to explain my beliefs as follows... I believe in the good of people and the right for people to choose how to live their lives, what they want to believe or not believe. I believe in the earth, sun, and stars... I believe that nature and inherent goodness are our driving force and each one of us is a miniscule part an ever reaching universe. I do not believe in creation - I believe in evolution. My scientific mind leads me to seek proof of the existence or nonexistence of everything. I believe in spirits (of Humans and Animals) and 'sixth senses' and that the spirit of every person (or animal) - no matter what faith - goes to the same place after death. I believe that we already live in Heaven as there is no better place than with our family and you have control to make your Heaven what it is.

I believe my biggest belief is 'tolerance'. Tolerance of everyone to believe what they want to believe - something I find lacking in most 'accepted' religions of the world. Many major religious organizations believe they are the only 'acceptable' or 'special people' in this world. Not only is this exclusionary but intolerant.

This brings me back to What Am I? I have no idea what I am... Atheist? Agnostic? Ignorant? Am I to succumb to the religious masses calling me a non-believer? I do not want to be 'converted' - I have my own beliefs I just don't know where they belong in the belief / non-belief or God / Godless continuum.

Please tell me - What am I?

May a good life and happiness be yours...