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A Miscellany 25
On Correcting Errors

by Warwick Hooke

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First of all, I like your web site very much. I am currently reading through all the Meditations (as time permits), and I find many of them interesting and/or amusing. I am up to number 100.

I am refraining from commenting until I have read them all, in case my comments simply echo later meditations or discussions. However, I read in Meditation 100 that you update earlier ones, to correct errors etc. I have found a number of minor spelling and other errors, and I wondered if you would like me to bring them to your attention. I don't want to look like a smart-arse, so if you don't want me to bother you with them, I won't.[1]

Thanks for maintaining an excellent site.

Yours in apathy

Rev. Warwick Hooke

Editor's Note:

  1. Like anyone else, I find it far more difficult to see the spelling and grammatical errors in my own writings than in those of others. I appreciate and encourage error identification and suggestions for correction.