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A Miscellany 30
Please continue the good work.

by Thomas Cheng

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First off, let me commend you on your excellent website. I have read a number of articles since I first found the site and have found them very enjoyable. Please continue the good work.

Secondly, I would like you to consider my application for priesthood in your church. I don't know, and never have known, the existence or non-existence of any personal god, and with each passing day, I care less and less of such matters. I include the modifier 'personal' because I have recently become recently interested in the ideas of scientific pantheism, whereby all of the cosmos is considered to be god. This, for me anyway, is strictly the sense that the cosmos is awe-inspiring and worthy of reverence. I hope this does not disqualify my application for priesthood; I personally believe agnosticism and scientific pantheism are not mutually exclusive, again noting the difference between the personal god such as the Christian God and the pantheistic notion of god.

Once again, thank you for furthering the recognition of agnosticism as a viable belief-system.