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A Miscellany 40
Cardinal Ratzinger Fan’s Club

by: Eduardo Carrión Letort

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A while ago, browsing the internet, I found this site. They had a forum section where a discussion about such topics as evolution, God, etc., was in progress. Happily I jumped in, and for two or three days I had a lively and seemingly friendly discussion with one of their “doctrinal enforcers”.

This guy was an Oxford graduate and, as such, he was full of quotes, references and erudition. Furthermore he knew the Bible very well. He was also very nice and easy to talk to.

So far so good. The actual content of the debate is not my main point here: it was the usual “God exists”, “we don’t really know” kind of debate. He behaved as expected from a sincerely convinced catholic and I presented my agnostic point of view.

The problem is that after a couple of months I returned to the site to watch for any new contributions to the debate. Much to my surprise I found that many of my posts had been deleted, except those that contained assertions such as “science does not claim to know everything”, etc.

In other worlds, they deleted any non-catholic thoughts but chose to keep those that can be used to support their own doctrine, such cowards.

Furthermore, I can no longer post there since my password got deleted as well.

So now they have in their site partial and incomplete posts that have my name on them. Reading those isolated quotes you would never know how I really think. I can even be easily confused with a catholic.

There is a faint chance that some of these doctrinal enforcers will ever come to this site. So I tell him: either quote me correctly or delete the whole thing. Be truthful and brave, you hypocrites.