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A Miscellany 44
Who's Going to Hell?

by E. M.

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I've just been introduced to your lovely site and have not had a chance to read most of its content, but am very impressed with what I have read so far.

I love the fact that you encourage replies of differing beliefs and views and that these views are then calmly and rationally dissected and not just irrationally flamed upon with poor grammar and all capital letters.

I realize that this subject may or may not have been already covered, but I have not read specific articles saying such, yet. But. one thing that always bothered me about the shouting and the damnation is; if those are the people that I would have to spend eternity with, why would I want to join them in heaven?

OK... So we look at the people who are supposedly going to hell. We have your science teachers who reject intelligent design, your general scientists, your seculars, your homosexuals, your "pro-choice"-ers, your "anti-family" people (being the opposite of "pro-family" of course..), your followers of any religion other than -insert general sect of Christianity here-, and I'm sure many others of whom I'm forgetting, (like democrats and liberals.)

Now, these are the people of whom I am generally going to agree with, be friends with, or work to make the world a better place with. So why should hell not be looking like a good option for me?
Is it because I should rather want to be with the "OH MY GOD!!! YOU ARE GOING TO HELL BECAUSE YOU ARE IMMORAL AND ICKY!!!!" people? Personally, hell is looking more and more like a fun place to be.

If this life is the basis of where we then get sent in our "after-life", wouldn't the scientists, human-right activists, and all others trying to make the world a better place for *everyone* be the ones to go to heaven regardless of their beliefs rather than the ones who just go around shouting about how we are perverting their children or something? If a child molester believes in god and Jesus, does that mean he goes to heaven when I do not? What he he truly believed in his "heart or hearts" that God told him to do those horrible crimes. Nowadays, when god talks to people, they are considered crazy. But way back when, it was all good.

How would that person's beliefs be any more right or wrong than another person's? To that person, that is god's chosen path for him and to go against god's word would be heresy. Not that I'm supporting child molesters of anything... I think it's morally and ethically wrong, but not because god told me so... just because it is wrong on its merits. But then you could also look at other countries where the legal age of consent is 14. That would be child molestation here, but not there. Did god just happen to not notice this? Was he absent that day?

I could go on and on and on... it'd be so easy, but I'm sure you'd like this kept short on your feedback comments so I'll end it here.

Thanks for your site and the opportunity to join your discussions.