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A Miscellany 48: A shame to abandon credibility for the sake of a joke.

by Charles Hamilton

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This is great stuff. I love what you're doing. Most of what you say is extremely sound intellectually, but there are one or two minor gaps in a few of your arguments that I may address one of these days.

However, a point about your name: apathetic and agnostic? Agnostic I buy completely: agnosticism is sometimes wrongly described as simple uncertainty as to whether God exists; however, your agnosticism and mine springs entirely from a certainty that the existence of God is unknowable. Apathetic though? "We don't know and we don't care"? But you DO care, quite obviously. You may not care whether there is a God, but you clearly care deeply about the issues which are covered by God and the faithful: specifically morality and ethics. My only criticism is that you may tend to lose credibility among those who assume that "apathetic" means you don't care about anything. Your slogan is a good line, and accurate too, but it would be a shame to abandon credibility for the sake of a joke.

Charlie Hamilton
London, UK.