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A Miscellany 65
Communion Menu

by Michael J. Barney

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Communion Menu
Christ a la king
Christ a l’orange
Christ in aspic
Christ stew
Filet of Christ
Christ Diane
Christ Tartar
Standing rib Christ
Roast loin of Christ
Christ chops with mint jelly
Flank Christ
Diced Christ
Minced Christ
Christ Cattiatore
Baked Christ in red wine sauce
Christ soup for the soul
Stuffed shoulder of Christ
Christ noodle casserole
Marinated haunch of Christ
Broiled Christ in bone marrow sauce
Christ tongue sautéed in onions
Christ Newburg
Christ Wellington
Christ pot pie
Chipped Christ on toast
(for those fast food communicants among us)
Christ fingers in honey-mustard sauce.

No substitutions, please.