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A Miscellany 72
Feast of Maximum Occupancy

by Rev. Gary Lampe

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I would like to propose another holiday for the church calendar, June 5: Feast of Maximum Occupancy, from the Simpson's.

Homer calls in to work in "Homer the Heretic" to advise the plant he won't be coming in that day due to his observation of the Feast of Maximum Occupancy, a religious holiday he just concocted by reading a sign on the wall of Moe's. Various groups have since celebrated this faux holiday throughout the year, with June 5 being an especially popular date, as the number on Moe's sign reads 65 (taken as 6/5).

Editor's Note: Initially, I could not think of a particularly apathetic agnostic reason for a celebration with this name. On reflection, I remembered that at least some Christians consider that only 144,000 will make it into heaven, clearly the maximum occupancy set by God's Fire Marshall. Consequently, if there is support for this idea, it will get added to the Calendar.