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A Miscellany 96
Looking for the answers

by Steve Zimmett

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I've read some of your website on the issues of agnosticism.

I watched the Charlie Rose program with Larry King the other night. Larry claims he is an agnostic. It got me thinking about this subject. Perhaps I am an agnostic too.

I've studied quite a few religions over the years. To my dismay, I cannot believe many of the teachings that they proclaim to have. I was introduced to Self Realization Fellowship some 12 years ago, and I believe they had it almost right. They believe in reincarnation. I suppose there could be something to this. Does this mean that god really exists? Who knows?

I was raised a Catholic and at about 14 years old quit going to church. I could not believe hardly any of their teachings. They believed that if you were not a Catholic, you would not go to heaven. Imagine that!! They also believed in purgatory and my mother, a strong Methodist, told me it did not exist. The Methodists only believe what is in the bible.

As far as I'm concerned, although I did become a Methodist, while the bible has some great stories, who is going to believe all of that stuff either? The story Adam and Eve? Give me a break.

I wonder about Buddhism. Perhaps they have some of the answers. I do not know much about this religion, but if we all believed as the Dalai Lama believed, we would live in a much more peaceful place than we do today.

George Bush is an idiot. He sincerely believes that God intended him to be president. Oh my god! How any god would want anyone like Bush to become President is beyond me. Simply look at Iraq. What a mistake.

I guess I'll kept searching until the day I die. I'm 57 years old and will keep questioning all this stuff until my end. Then I guess I will find out what this is all about. Perhaps there is a better life out there somewhere.