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A Miscellany 108
Subjective Neutrality

by Lucas Werner

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I am working on a website, and these are some of my ideas for a better society. This is somewhat influenced by Apathetic Agnosticism.

Subjective Neutrality

Free from interference. Free from bias.
Liber Intercessione! Liber Inclinatione!


Logic- Anything can be discussed, excluding the present statement.
Civic- Our business is your business. Your business is your business.
Moral- We don't know about and we don't care for supreme transcendent forces.


Logic- Action causes thought causes word.
Civic- Do what you want. Don't impede the same.
Moral- Consensually, do unto others as they would do unto themselves.


Logic- Nothing exists outside of nature.
Civic- You own what you create, except nature, itself.
Moral- Intelligence is part of nature.

Subjective Neutrality As Personal Philosophy

My goal is to make it clear that subjective neutrality can be used as an umbrella philosophy to encapsulate many other philosophies into an all encompassing unit. I will attempt to show you what I mean by laying out, why I feel are appropriate schools of though that can be branched from SN and be shown to be synonymous with SN, in general. Saying one is subjectively neutral might then be a way of saying one is vaguely for a way of thinking that may be in opposition to a certain status quo, without revealing too much of one's character, avoiding unnecessary arguments, like a stance of logical morality or some such antonym.

I wish to make philosophy simpler and more accessible. So, here is what I had in mind...

Subjective Neutrality

The argument for

synonyms: sober, serious, impartial, detached, telescopic, natural, free, immanent

schools: skepticism, cynicism, relativism, agnosticism, realism, humanism, pragmatism, existentialism

examples: adaptation level principle, temporal construal effect, unified field theory, theory of evolution, method acting, role distance

Objective Partiality

The argument against

synonyms: dependent, warped, certain, aligned, microscopic, conformed, oppressed, transcendent

schools: positionism, romanticism, absolutism, theism, idealism, dogmaticism, mysticism, positivism

examples:affected valency stimuli, duels of dualities, mythos, intelligent design, partisan politics, role embracement