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A Miscellany 109
The Opus Hominis.

by Zen Rajosta
Opus Hominis website

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Opus Hominis is Latin and means “work of humans’ instead of Opus Dei which means “work of god”. The Opus Hominis celebrates the spirituality of agnostics, their beliefs and dreams of a better, a pragmatic, a more human world. A world based on evolutionary inside in our species and the fight for idealistic yet reasonable social change. The aim of the order is to influence politics and society as a whole to further democracy, freedom , true justice and the sisterhood of man and women. The order does not engage in religious speculation. The order promotes communitarian and sustainable living.

This and the following are my dreams, are my concept of the Opus Hominis. Yours; I hope will differ. The Opus Hominis should be heterogenous in it’s work and backgrounds. Central is the commitment to serve other humans, to serve society for life or for a limited time.

The Opus Hominis wants to establish a monastery that teaches the democratic arts of research, reasoning and argumentation, to teach analytical, critical and creative thinking. The task of the order is further to teach the use of the new media. The order will run a monastery in neutral Ireland , somewhere between Boston and Berlin, where people from all over the world can study and take a break from their political work. The order wants to establish retreats for those individuals that need a break.

As said that’s my concept but I think other ideas can be put into reality too. Every talent should be used.

The Opus Hominis tries to give a strong voice to minorities that are hardly heard when it counts when it comes to how public resources are spent.

The order stands for a truly open society where not only majorities can live how it pleases them but where minorities have more real freedom too. The order will apply critical thinking to itself.

If you are interested in building the Opus Hominis contact me at:

opushomi@opushominis.org. My self chosen name is Zen Rajosta.