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A Miscellany 119
A proposal for a New Millennium April Fools Day

by Willson E.

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Did you know that in his 1990 book, The New Millennium, Pat Robertson predicted the end of the world for 29 April, 2007? That's only five months away.

I see by your church calendar that you don't like suggestions for 1 April for April Fools Day. Maybe you could make 29 April a New Millennium April Fools Day[1] to honor all the fools who make end times predictions? It falls on a Sunday next year, so we can take the Monday off to celebrate that we are all still alive.

btw; Pat might have decided he's wrong. He is scheduled to come to Virginia that day to "rededicate America to God" at Jamestown. It's the 400th anniversary of the Jamestown colony.


  1. I regret having forgotten about this excellent suggestion. It should have been implemented, but I only rediscovered it after I made 28 May "We're Still Here Day" to commemorate another fool's End Times prediction. (JT, 15 Jan 2010)