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A Miscellany 136
What to do with Jesus's DNA?

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Meditation 594 discusses the discovery of the supposed ossuary of Jesus. Even though the bones were removed and reburied a quarter of a century ago, there were apparently traces of DNA left. These were compared with the DNA found in the ossuary which may have been the final resting place of Mary Magdelene. This proved they were not related, and thus having been placed in the same tomb, must have been married.

But is that all they can do with this DNA? After all, this is Jesus, or so it is claimed.

Why not clone Jesus? Surely believers cannot object - after all, he was not conceived naturally the first time around. And they would have their Second Coming.

Or perhaps not. Genetically, it would be Jesus's twin. Perhaps an evil twin - the Antichrist.

No! A better use would be just to take the clone to the embryo stage and use it for a source of stem cells. Stem cells are supposedly going to bring about the next cycle of medical miracle cures. And what could be better for miracle cures that a stem cell line based on Jesus.