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A Miscellany 149
Help Redesign the site

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With the advances in web technology, I think it's time to dedesign the Apathetic Agnostic website. I would like some suggestions. And if you have design experience, I would like some draft templates and CSS stylesheets using either Dreamweaver / Flash or Expression Web.

I'd like a clean and modern looking site with easy navigation. Use of some of the existing graphic element might provide continuity, but this is not absolutely necessary.

Ideally, a suggested site design would include templates (which would be variations on an overall theme) for each major section of the site. Hopefully, I will get several suggestions and be able to post them here for comments.

What's in it for you? Nothing except perhaps a sense of accomplishment and a credit on the site if your design (or a modification thereof) is selected.All finalists (which all probably be nearly every submission, if there are any) will also have something to put in their resume.

Deadline? There isn't one right now, but whenever I finish Adobe's Dreamweaver Classroom in a Book, I'll probably feel confident enough to do a new design myself.


The new design is in place and gradually being implemented on older pages. However feel free to make recommendations for improvement (or if you are reading this in 2013 or so, make recommendations for another total overhaul)