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A Miscellany 153

by Karol Hogerton

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Packing up the car that morning didn't take long since Joanne had taken the biggies like the suitcases out already and all that was left to take out was the munchables; the munchables for that 8 hr long car ride the three sisters were taking together; the munchables, something to put in a mouth besides a foot.

Jo , the eldest is driving . She has a nice, comfortable, gas guzzling new piece of crap auto.

Sue , the middle sister, sits in the passenger seat and Sandy, the youngest, has the back all to her self.

The sisters always got along in a sometimes they had to work at it sort of way. Sandy seemed always to be saying something one or both of her sister's disagreed with; Jo, a retired school teacher, was right about everything she said; and then there's sweet Sue who would haul off and slap you if she understood what you were saying.

Here they were working at getting along when Sandy brings up so innocently, " Did you know that in Jewish lore it's written down that Adam was married to a women by the name of Lilith before he was married to Eve.

Okay, so Jo and Sue begin laughing at their " crazy " sister. Sue snickers, then asks in that cute little laugh over voice she adopts, "Wasn't Lilith married to Frasier on Cheers ? "

Sandy replys, "Yeah I'm sure that's probably why they used the name. Lilith was supposed to be a real bitch ."

Then Jo asks her sister " Where did you ever hear something like that Sandy?"

"I first heard about it some years ago on The Learning Channel and I can get it on the internet at Dwane and Cheryl's place . Like I said, it's just a part of Jewish lore."

Jo asnwers with what is, as far as she's concerned, the solution to that bothersome comment made by her still a hippy sister. "I'll asks my pastor if this is true."

Sandy lets out an audible exhale from the back seat then asks, " You mean you would believe your pastor about this before you'd believe me? Never mind, I'll just look it up when we get to our brother's and I'll show you."

Sandy hadn't realized she would get that kind of a response from her sisters so she chose to just let it ride, knowing that if she pursued this at all her dear sisters would start to scream at her about her sacrilegious words. After all, she had a full week yet to spend with them and at least two more hours in the car. She grabbed the bag of chex mix and shoved a handful in her mouth.

Dwane and Cheryl heard the car coming up the driveway. Dwane couldn't wait to see his younger sisters; he had been talking about nothing else lately.

They walked out to the porch and down the front steps as the car pulled to a stop. Dwanes arms were wide open to grab whoever got out first and after all the kisses and hugs they went in to sit around the dining room table so they could talk, talk, talk.

They're all sitting around the table when Sandy remembers about the Lilith discussion in the car. so she decides tackle that . "Could I use your computer Cheryl ." she asks.

"Sure" Cheryl says then takes Sandy back to the bedroom where the computer is.

Sandy types in 'Lilith of Jewish lore' and gets a page full of different articles about the subject.

"Cool." Sandy says quietly to herself, then walks out of the bedroom back and into the dining room where the others are still sitting.

"Remember that thing on Lilith that we were talking about in the car? About Lilith of Jewish lore? I looked it up on the internet and I found some articles on it. You want to go look at it?

Sue gives that snicker of hers then says, "Oh, Sandy!" Then her eyes dart to Jo for Jo's response.

Jo leans down and takes the bible from her tote, places it in front of her on the table and says rather loudly, "The Bible is exactly how our dear Lord wants it to be and there's nothing more to add.

Okay, Sandy drops it again, "Whatever," she says as she spins around and walks back toward the bedroom, "Dumb Christians" she mutters.