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A Miscellany 167
Amazing Disgrace

by: Paul W. Sharkey

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Amazing Disgrace

by Paul W. Sharkey

Amazing disgrace, how sick the thought
that took a life so free
and twisted it to its own demands
to control both you and me.

Freedom’s call came to one and all
so that we could learn to live
without fear or hate or jealousy
with only love to give.

But twisted minds and shriveled souls
want us all to fear
their superstitious claims of power
if we’d only lend an ear.

So let us be free from being judged
and judging others as well
by ignoring such ignorant dogmatic dolts
who insist on creating hell.

Be careful and carefree about what we know
and just perhaps and maybe
we’ll avoid having our spirits, our minds, and our souls
stuck in this vast tar baby.

Amazing disgrace how sad you are
to have taken an idea so fair
and turned it into something so despicably vile
that I no longer know or care.