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A Miscellany 189
What am I?

by: Paleface

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What’s in a name?  A lot, perhaps.

Not as frequently as before, but one occasionally still needs to answer questions, or fill form slots, about one’s religion.  Those of us lucky enough to be where honesty is not punished, and agnostic or atheist to boot, have a few standard replies at hand, but I am difficult: I like none of them.

A-theist, a-gnostic:  words indicating that something is missing -- that’s what the initial “a” stands for.  Well, I’m missing nuttin’. 

(A-pathetic is OK, as I am not pathetic.  But incompletion is still hinted at. And is still not relevant.)

None: Not really true, since I do have definite unproveable beliefs about religious matters. (There has been no examinable data to date supporting the absence or existence of verifiable evidence about Jupiter, Zor, and so forth.)

Bright: More than just a bit… aggressive? Disrespectful? Insolent? (And not necessarily true in its implications.  Many of us just don’t shine much.) Member of a congregation which does not take a stand on the issue… (..?..)

Other:  Yeah, that is informative.

Maybe it is the times, but perhaps there is a solution:

Q -  Religion?

A -  Independent

(The rest of the argument is left to the reader.)