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A Miscellany 205
Just "that which some guy told us a long long time ago."

by: Trent

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I've been agnostic since I was old enough to look around me during mass and realize that all these people eating crackers and drinking wine and singing songs and bowing to a Jewish Zombie nailed to a four by four weren't in touch with reality... so I lost faith at about 13 or 14 years old. Now I'm 25.

I guess it isn't right to say that the moment I realized Christianity was about the dumbest thing I had ever heard I suddenly became agnostic. I tried some different stuff, experimented with the idea of a soul or energy or whatever. Thought about being Jewish for a while, liked the idea of paganism, but eventually came to the realization that every single religion was just "that which some guy told us a long long time ago."

Wars are now fought based on which bearded, raving lunatic said what and when. WTF is wrong with people? Anyway, coming to the to the point I guess, I like your group.

I'm on active duty military, and live in southern Virginia. I am surrounded by REAL ignorant people, mostly Protestants; people so closed-minded and stubborn that they will get violent with you if you debate them about Jesus, their lord and savior, who abhorred violence. Every morning in the summer I get little Jesus pamphlets under my windshield wipers where I park out on the street. So I figured screw 'em, and started printing out my own goddamn pamphlets. I put them under people's windshield wipers. I also print leaflets and hang them up on message boards or stick them in people's mail boxes. I may send you some. I think of it as guerrilla warfare in a baptist neighborhood.

Anyway, I'm glad you started a church... I guess. I mean, do we have to call it a church? Isn't that kind of... a misnomer? Plus it really feels like the last thing the world needs at this point is another church.

Oh, and dude, screw Scientology totally, any kind of alliance or even open communication with those people is all bad. I hate Scientologists like Cartman hates hippies. Xenu? Are you serious? I know it's a stretch, but I submit that Scientology is MUCH more idiotic than most other religions, with the possible exception of Hinduism.


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