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A Miscellany 219
Me of Little Faith

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Lewis Black's Me of Little Faith, published in hardcover last year, is now available in a more affordable paperback. And he has added material to the original.

I'm just going to quote from the conclusion to the preface where he explains why he wrote this book:

To put it as simply as I can: This is a book about my relationship with religion, where my -- dare I say it? -- spiritual journey has taken me. From the religious dead ends I have wandered down to the pinpricks of light I have seen and barely understood, it's all here, in all its complicated and infuriating glory.

And all of this is just my opinion, the way I look at religion, what it's meant and not meant to me. And why it makes me laugh.

So if religion has taken over your life and you don't want to think about it or laugh about it because it will upset you, DON'T READ THE GODDAMN BOOK.

It is a funny book. And it does make you think. Just don't read it all in one sitting - a chapter a day will do you. It keeps the humor fresh.

Quite recommended.