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A Miscellany 246
Proposal for an agnostic podcast

by: The Reverend Chuck Moreland

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Hello to all my fellow Apathetic Agnostics (and everyone else)...

I am looking into the possibility of starting an Agnostic podcast. Maybe something put out monthly or every other week covering the world of Agnosticism. I figure we could have lots of interviews since we have some exciting working happening all over the world with the church. Simply a podcast to help connect our global community even more.

General themes I had in mind:

So this is what I am thinking... It would be great to find one or two other people that would like to participate. I know I always enjoy listening to podcast with at least 2 to 3 folks that bounce ideas off each other and discuss. I would want to follow the general formats on many of the Skeptic podcasts. Such as:

Name Idea: "The Agnostic Fundamentalists".
Tag Line: "Critical Thinking on religion, spirituality, and the non-belief"

Skeleton Show Format for 30 to 45minutes:

All I need now is one or two (more would be welcome) volunteers to help me with this. You can contact me either via the site contact form which JT will pass on to me, or by responding to my post on the main uctaa forum.