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A Miscellany 259
On Nothing.

by: Professor Roger Eno. D.D.

This work by Roger Eno, Professor of Nescience at IUN, and composer of We Don’t Know and We Don’t Care in our Choirbook represents a distillation of his overall philosophy.

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On Nothing.

Pleasant hardcomes wither small Wednesdays in regard to foreseeable virtues.
Indeed, it could be extraordinary gnomes who would gather the immediate during these primary undulations-were we all so fragrant that we could tread in such directions. What a world this would be.

However, planted in the garden of nine, there still grows a plunder not respecting of the previous handles-ignorant, perhaps of the symptoms,
free willed and shabby, under ground yet large. Handsome captives we seem,
in this tired operation of method-tools that gimmick frequent changes, rambling sheds of horticultured weekdays that formulate secondary walls. These beneficent trout swim toward the break point-indicating extant desks,
making way for possible drench.

Irregardless of such necessity, short memories treat fledge with craft;
wily and formed are the snifters, runny and positive, throwful and postulate.
All told, the remainder could squint, the possibility is there on a hatstand, balanced and cornered, ignored by the postman. Such weather, though,
does not retrain ex-habituates-such will continue beating familiar paths through dint of training and high jumps. Such should not dismiss fright,
daily houses keep locked doors in streets ahead.

Let us not forget the pungent yesterdays that linger in our ears,
for tomorrow calls like a child in the bath and last week smells of bacon.

As we go through our lives we grunt.


Professor Roger Eno. D.D.