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A Miscellany 275
Two documentaries

by: JT

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In recent weeks, I've seen two documentaries on abuse by religious organizations. The first is an Australian investigation - The Ex-Files - which looks into reported abuses committed by the Church of Scientology against its own members. The other - What the Pope Knew - looks examines the current Pope's role (as an archbishop, cardinal, and as pope) in the reported cover-up of child abuse by Catholic clergy.

It's interesting to watch these two documentaries and compare the "official line" taken by each church's "official spokesman" in responding to the accusations. They'd have little difficulty in trading jobs.

View The Ex-Files here along with supporting information and extended interviews.

Scientology: The Ex-Files

View What the Pope Knew here (five parts on YouTube)

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3

Part 4 - Part 5