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A Miscellany 276
Agnostic as a Religious Disclaimer

by: Stephen Borkowski

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I thank you for using a disclaimer.[1] My motto is: If Cramer[2] needs a disclaimer, any talk about a god needs one.

For 27 years, I have been hoping that there would be a policy sanctioned by the UN which mandates that all religious teaching of a god be preceded by a disclaimer that states that there is no empirical proof for the existence or non-existence of a god or gods.[3]

I would like to get an opinion of my assertion that the word agnostic should be used before a person's religion. I say that I am an agnostic Deist. If no one can empirically prove their belief about god, as in a court of law, everyone would be admitting they know they don't know.

(The purpose is to help prevent the making of religious suicide bombers and other killing done for a god.)


  1. There are several disclaimers on the site. I assume Stephen Borkowski is referring to the disclaimer at the bottom of the Table of Contents page.
  2. Mad Money, a TV show hosted by Jim Cramer opens with a disclaimer, and the website for the show has a more extensive one.
  3. This proposal was previously put forward by Stephen Borkowski in discussion to an Ask the Patriarch item.