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A Miscellany 289
A Seasonal Rant, Execution, and Carol

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The Rant:

The Execution

From the Copenhagen Post Online

Pastor "executes" elf to save Christmas

Jon Knudsen, the pastor of the L√łkken Free Church in the Jutland town of Vendsyssel, loves Christmas, but he hates elves.

This weekend, Knudsen’s hatred for the creature he says “comes from the devil” manifested itself in the form of a mock execution by hanging of a Christmas elf outside his church.

Around the elf’s neck was a sign reading “we reject Satan and all his works and all his empty promises”, a reference to the Christian baptism rite.

Executed elf

Knudsen said decorating with elves at Christmas was “comparable to decorating with Nazi flags”, and described elves of all sorts as “poltergeists that come from the devil and make children sick”.

Although the church’s parishioners and some other residents of the town of 1,500 on the North Sea coast supported the protest, others had asked, and even threatened, Knudsen to take the elf down.

In one humorous protest, Knudsen said a dozen or so metre-high garden gnomes had been placed outside his home. He said he had also received letters sent by “elves”.

The executed elf was originally supposed to remain hanging from the church until Sunday, and the church had set up a night watch in order to prevent it from being stolen.

One offended resident took action Monday afternoon while no one was watching, however, and pulled down the elf. He left a message with the pastor that the elf was being “kept safe until after the New Year”.

Knudsen reported the theft to the police, and the culprit confessed. The police, however, refused to press charges, stating that their “caseload was too heavy to make investigating theft of a stuffed toy elf a priority”.

The Carol