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A Miscellany 294
Religion of the Absurd

by: JT

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More than you wanted to know about nuns and monks

A Cypriot Orthodox monk was stopped at a Greek airport with the skeleton of a nun in his luggage. He claimed he was carrying the relics of a saint. The bones were of an unsainted nun who had died four years earlier.

A man in Italy is seeking a sex change in order to become a nun. He has not yet chosen which monk will eventually get his bones.

An Italian exotic dancer has become a nun, and will devote her life to teaching "sacred dances." Apparently, she performs these dances before senior Catholic clergy. It's not her bones which get their attention.

“About that rainbow - I was misquoted” says God.

According to Glenn Beck “The rain is coming. It’s time to build an ark.”

But burning them at the stake is much more fun.

The Catholic Truth Society, which publishes in the UK on behalf of the Vatican, has issued a booklet advising on how to convert witches by engaging them in conversation. Now where's the booklet on how to pick up a witch by engaging her in conversation?

Maybe the magic third time will work.

An Ohio Judge was ordered by higher courts to remove a poster of the 10 Commandments from his courtroom back in 2005. He obeyed, but the next year he put up a different poster of the 10 Commandments. Once again, superior courts have ordered him to take down the poster. Hmmmm - if I can't hang them on the wall, maybe I'll just recite them before rendering judgement.

It's a really big number so, it must be right.
(as long as it's not the age of the Earth.)

The economic impact of the proposed Ark Encounter theme park was estimated to be $4.3 billion over 10 years. When asked where he got this amount, Ken Ham replied "The answer is in Genesis."