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Charia Hebdo Cover A Miscellany 325
Joking about Mohammed

by: God

In light of the fire bombing of the French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, for publishing an issue edited by Mohammed, we have decided to bypass the middle men and go to the top. This November 4, 2011 Apathetic Agnostic update is edited by God, who has also written much of this week's editorial material.

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The French Satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo was firebombed after publishing an edition supposedly edited by Mohammed. With all this violence about jokes at his expense, I personally asked Mohammed if he was offended by the jokes.

Mohammed answered: "Of course not. Just google Mohammed and sense of humor and you will see numerous Islamic websites about my wonderful sense of humor. You will find it reported that my Companions and I used to throw melon rinds at each other. Oh the fun we had! I used to invent nicknames for my Companions. Oh that made them laugh. Nothing as good as Turdblossom, mind you, but as a Prophet, you have more to occupy your attention than a President does."

There you have it from the Prophet's mouth. He's not offended. Answer humor with humor.

Addendum (11 Nov 11):

As our own cover page image for God's update is no longer on our "cover," we reproduce it here for posterity.

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