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A Miscellany 337
Two Agnostic Poems

by: Joy Willa Hatch

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I've heard that if you believe an idea enough,
it will become a self-fullfilling prophesy;
you will see what you want to see.
If Christian, you will see God or the Devil;
if an atheist, you will see nothing by either, disheveled.
But, if you're Agnostic, there isn't fraud;
for, there is no proof or the Devil or God.

I wish that UCTAA stood for
University of Connecticut Agnostics Association;
for, in my future, I fear the lack of graduation;
when I plan to take college courses; at,
least I have websites as good information sources.
I am planning to make a future for myself;
so that I can make money;
my art and poetry don't just sit on an unnoticed shelf.