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A Miscellany 338
Being Somewhat Honest

by: Polby Saves

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In that awful, awkward silence
I'll speak up, I like to break things
Down, even further
A quarter past any given half hour
Is when I attend and then
Only until 20 minutes into the new
And it is only w/ great effort on my part
That, Yeah... I'll say something
Being careful to cover my contempt, combativeness
Disguise my defiance, dissonance & disgust
Into a comment w/ the underlying tone of a question
When I'm done
Someone will inevitably offer the inevitably correct response
To a query that wasn't really asked at all
As I knew they would before I uttered anything at all
It's important to make people feel important - helpful - useful
It has little to nothing to do w/ me and I realize that
It's my attempt at a gift.