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A Miscellany 344
Approval and Acceptance

by: Joy Willa Hatch

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Today, I was looking for an opinion from a former preacher;
Apparently, he is not a good teacher.
For, I asked for his Agnosticism opinion;
Over the definition of the word, he had no dominion.
A lesson I've learned is that I need no one's approval;
For the existence of Agnosticism or the removal.

How is it that the devil can be away so far;
When my evil poetry is so popular.
It receives more attention than my poetry of good;
That is clearly understood.
How is that encouraging the good in me;
When fellow poets would rather see evil poetry under their Christmas tree?

Love is a gift sent from heaven and hell;
But logically, that does not ring a bell.
That's why, for an Agnostic, love won't work;
When your atheist mate can be a big jerk.
Maybe, I'm not meant to love in this life;
Or to be a common-law wife.