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A Miscellany 345
The Second Article of Faith

by: Tom Schelling

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These are some of my thoughts regarding your Second Article of Faith declaring that any deity in our universe acts apathetic to the workings of that universe.

My thought was that being agnostic implies that we know nothing of what the workings of any divine beings would be if any. My thought was that any small change of mind that any person should have could be divine intervention. Our lives MAY be micromanaged by these beings to the point that everyday occurrences are in fact miracles.

If you would simplify that, I would relate this to a game of The Sims where each and every decision and action made by the Sim is decided by me, but carried out by them, even to the point where I decide the cycle of life and death within their world, seemingly without any external interaction.

On the other hand it may be correct that whatever being may exist really does not care about the occurrences of this world. Or another theory I had whereby all of the gods that have been seen or proclaimed throughout history are the rock stars and celebrities of the divine universe, who appear to us flashy and impressive, but make no real impact, when there may be a multitude of others who keep the universe alive.

Or in fact there may be none at all.

Whichever way the reality is, my point is that we cannot possibly know what the motives or actions of any divine being may be, although being agnostic you already know and proclaim this yourself. I would not presume to dictate what you should or should not believe, as I do not know myself, but I believe in having all sides of the story, especially on a public scale, and my side is one side of this particular story, and one which some people may not have considered.

Thank you for your consideration.

Tom Schelling.

P.S.        As with all great deep thinking this was done at 4:30am, so read with care, as I have been known to say some rather confusing things.