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A Miscellany 348

by: Joy Willa Hatch

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I was told by Christians to give God credit for every good that I do;
I argued that this simply will never be true.
God didn't write hundreds of poems on poetry websites;
God never had my severe depression to fight.
God did not work hard cleaning my home;
God didn't try to save my kitty when, from her mouth, came foam.
God does not cuddle with my cats with love;
God did not put together the art on my walls which hang above.
God did not exercise and diet to lose fifty pounds years ago;
Is it that God wants me to feel low?
God has not worked hard to survive through my many years of pain on this earth;
God is not the one who gives me self-worth.
Personally, since the day of my birth in 1974;
I don't think God is testing me; I think he wants me to be a bore.
Myself, my man, my kitties, and my family work hard to achieve my peace of mind;
I'm sorry if, to God, I'm being unkind.
But, one has to take responsibility for oneself ultimately;
To be the person one wants to be.

I found out tonight that two Christians can get along;
Whose hearts sing a different song.
Yet, they can have mutual respect;
So, each other, they don't reject.
For, my next door neighbor is a good example of a kind lady;
Who has been a mother to many babies.
Yet, she does not judge people;
Though, she spends much time under the steeple.
Her Christian friend, though, is extremely judgemental;
When it comes to her religious beliefs,
she seems to have a heart the size of a lentil.

It is sickening how the bible speaks against gays;
For that, it certainly does not deserve praise.
It says that a homosexual should be stoned;
When I think that they really should be left alone.
For, true homosexuality isn't a choice;
About this, many gay rights activists have a voice.
Ignorant people burdan gays as the cause of AIDS;
And their ignorance hardly ever fades.
For, Christians believe without needing any proof;
From their speeches; I try to stay aloof.
For, confrontation; I don't like;
The Christians who try to convert me to their side can take a hike.
They have to burden your life with their cause;
And even if they are your friends, they'll tell you that you're going to hell without a pause.
They are supposed to believe that God himself is their only judge;
Instead, with others, they hold a grudge.
Christians should just judge one another;
I do not claim them to be my sisters and brothers.