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Vindication for Mitt?

by: Tom Dickson

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Since last Friday's Hubble sighting, image above*, dog-loving evangelicals have been returning to the Romney fold in droves, many of them with dogs strapped to their car roofs, and others who'd recently soured a bit on their leader are now looking at bullying in a whole new, more positive light—“He was right about the dog thing,” explains one ...

Not everyone is buying into the Hubble sighting, of course ... some claim that it’s clearly a fake, that it’s stupid to believe that God would be tooling around the Heavens in a Beetle, with or without a dog on the roof ... "He can fly", they say, "He doesn’t need a car" ...

Others aren’t so sure—“God’s pretty old,” they counter ...

Capitalizing on an opportunity, several major harness manufacturers have already announced the addition of canine roof harnesses to their product lines, and CNN reported this morning that Volkswagen, to accommodate an unprecedented surge in sales, has gone into overtime production in three of its plants ... says one Mitt supporter, "He's already creating jobs" (tom dickson of dkzn/dickson, toronto)

* More of Tom Dickson's artwork can be viewed at dkzn/dickson