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Pope is not amusedA Miscellany 388
Ex-Pope Joke Challenge

by: Paul Sharkey




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The New York Times recently ran an article with the headline: “What Do You Call a Retired Pope? And Is He Still Infallible?”

The first question sounds like the lead-in to a joke,  perhaps along the lines of “What do you call a criminal lawyer?”  -- “A redundancy!”  "Retired Pope?"  At least one punch line that comes to mind from another lawyer joke is: “A good start!”   Perhaps “Revoke Pope?”  

Please offer other suggestions; a retired pope is at least as deserving of a punch-line as are our honored members of the legal profession.

The second question strikes me as an example of the fallacy of complex question (a species of fallacies of presumption), not unlike “Have you stopped beating your wife.”  

What else should one expect than jokes and fallacies? -- neither of which should be taken seriously.