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The Sacred Message of the Grasshopper

by: Kyle Rutland

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Today as I was mowing my lawn I witnessed something incredibly profound.

As I pushed my lawn mower across the yard, I glimpsed something that was a much brighter shade of green than the surrounding grass. It was too small to pose a threat to either me or the mower, so I pushed the machine right over it.

It was only after it was ejected from the grass chute that I realized what it was. It was a grasshopper. IT WAS COMPLETELY UNHARMED.

I stopped the mower and watched the tiny creature hop away, struck by the magnitude of what I had witnessed. How had this seemingly insignificant insect escaped certain death by 3200 rpms of spinning steel?

There could only be one answer: God.

With tears in my eyes, I realized that God must have bigger plans for this tiny creature. I ran over two ant mounds earlier and probably killed dozens, if not hundreds of them. The poison I will apply later will kill many more (God willing). But this hopper was protected by our heavenly father.

How fortunate we are to know that we have a creator so benevolent and loving that he even looks after bugs if they are part of his divine plan. If he cares this much for orthoptera, imagine how vast his love for us must be!

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