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Don't know if this is a serious church or not but it should be...

by: Mary Martin

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I can't tell if this site is serious or not, but I really think it should be...

I've been searching for years to find a Church that embraces the Spiritual, not religious, point of view! I want to have faith in something...but not in anything that stems from mythology or ignorance or judgements.

My view of God is ...God is not a he or she but It....It is life, as in alive versus inertness....some unknown supreme being didn't create life, life happened somehow and it will never be know how it first happened but IT is the true miracle and it is to be cherished.

I pray to life and thank life for my presence...I believe that is where the line, "I am, that I am" actually comes from. The bible that every one looks to for answers was started thousands of years ago, when people had no education in science or medicine so they wrote stories based on current knowledge to explain what they saw and heard. How can anyone, today, say that what was believed back then is relevant to our world view today? We all know that when stories are passed on to others the stories grow into mammoth exaggerations.

As educated enlightened people on the 21st century we should be able to discern fact from fiction and see that Jesus was a man who did live on earth and was a believer in people being kind to one another. For his beliefs he was strung up and murdered by the governing body at the time...but that is the reality of his history...the building of his immortal status is a myth built on by people who just felt the injustice of his death...he was a "Son of God" if God is defined as Life...we are all children of Life and life should be cherished.

It is very real and present and we need to keep our heads in reality and use our logic to see past the myths that grow from ignorance.

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